Organise &
review your 
content calendar

Plann’s content calendar offers drag and drop functionality. Place your content and move it around to create the perfect grid, or adapt for changing circumstances.

  • See your entire content plan at a glance

  • Make changes quickly and easily

  • Schedule directly from the calendar

  • Create consistency in your brand


Over 2M+ of The Best Instagrammers Use Plann To Schedule Their Instagram Content

Why do influencers, agencies, and brands become raving fans? Plann takes the hassle out of creating, posting, and improving the reach and engagement of Instagram Stories. Meaning you get more return on the time you invest.


Getting Started With Plann is Fast, Free, and Easy.

Looking for a complete solution to your scheduling needs? With our simple, beautiful, content calendar, you'll be able to see what's been done, what needs to be done and how far you've come.


Social media is simple with the Plann content calendar.
Quickly check the times, dates and style of your posts and plan in advance for the month, quarter or year!
Are you an agency? Your clients will love the clean, transparent snapshot of their month (and when combined with Plann analytics, your reporting problems are solved. Drag and drop, change posting times and complete an entire review - all on one page.

Want Stress Free Content Scheduling?

See Your Calendar At A Glance

Zoom out and get a bird’s eye view of your content. You review placement days, or use the drag & drop feature to reorganize posts and create the perfect flow before they go live.


My favourite thing about Plann is the beautiful blue aesthetic of course! hehe. What I love most about Plann is the ability to manipulate the grid so easily, write and save captions in advance and of course your hashtag saving options make posting a breeze! I've used a few different planning apps now but Plann is by far my favourite as it is so user friendly and Australian based.

Ashleigh Bridget

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