Set & Forget With Facebook Autoposting

With Plann’s new Facebook autoposting you can create, plan and schedule a bunch of posts at once and automatically publish to Facebook without any hassles.

  • Save time by bulk scheduling your Facebook posts

  • Choose to publish now or autopost for a later time

  • Plan Facebook and Instagram content together for brand consistency

  • Create a unique strategy just for Facebook 

Making scheduling Facebook posts super simple

No more jumping in and out of platforms, with Facebook Autoposting you can skip the hassle of logging into Facebook to post and avoid automatically cross-promoting irrelevant Instagram content. Set up your content directly in Plann and schedule it to publish now or later.

Over 2 million businesses use Plann as their social media scheduler.

Simplifying content creation challenges for more than 2 million brands and global teams

Easily create and send your content straight to Instagram AND Facebook

Easy drag and drop visual calendar

It’s as easy as dragging and dropping the content you want to send to Facebook. Either upload new content, utilise Plann’s library of images or choose to bring in designs directly from Canva.

Plan Facebook content alongside your Instagram posts

Toggle between your social media platforms to schedule your posts for easy planning in the one spot. Facebook and Instagram can be planned side-by-side for cohesive branding.

Analyze your results without leaving Plann

Analytics including likes and engagement rates and reach, will help you quickly identify what you should be doing more of and what to change up.


Ready to make the world’s biggest social
media platform work for you? 

Getting started with Plann’s Facebook Autoposting is fast, easy and free. Sign up today for a 7 day free trial to see how much time autoposting can save.


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Jenna Kutcher

Plann helps me to see the bigger picture on Instagram and allows me to be intentional, strategic, and have fun with it all without the pressure of posting in real-time. It also has awesome analytics and will let you know when to post, what hashtags are moving the needle the most, and what your top recent posts have been.





My favourite thing about Plann is the beautiful blue aesthetic of course! hehe. What I love most about Plann is the ability to manipulate the grid so easily, write and save captions in advance and of course your hashtag saving options make posting a breeze! I've used a few different planning apps now but Plann is by far my favourite as it is so user friendly and Australian based.


Ashleigh Bridget

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