The Ultimate Guide to all things Instagram

Want to grow your influence online but not sure where to begin? The online world can seem so big and overwhelming at times. But fret not, we've got you covered! 

With this jam-packed guide to Instagram, we'll take you through setting up your account all the way to running paid ads and growing your following.

Simplify The Way You Create and Schedule

Creating, scheduling and publishing Instagram content shouldn’t drain hours of your time (nor should you need 5 tools to do one job!) With Plann, you’ll have everything you need to create a profitable Instagram brand in ONE easy-to-use platform.

Over 2M+ of The Best Instagrammers Use Plann To Help Create & Schedule Content

Plann is loved by top brands, agencies, and influencers around the world for one good reason: it transforms the task of creating and scheduling scroll-stopping content from a time-consuming, messy chore into a simple, streamlined process.

Curate Ideas & Import Your Content

Search for repurposable content on Instagram using hashtags or bulk import your own via the cloud to ensure your account stays packed with assets and inspiration ready to create.

Customize Your Strategy & Content

Create your own posting strategy with themes to tell your story, or be guided by us to learn what keeps your audience coming back, then tailor images to their needs with stunning filters, overlays, borders, and text tools.

Schedule Your Content In Minutes Not Hours

Seamlessly arrange (and re-arrange) your Instagram profile with a beautifully simple drag & drop scheduling workspace. Effortlessly schedule posts (and Instagram Stories) in bulk, manage media collections, and save time with auto-publishing.

Plann With Your Team Members

Two brains are better than one, which is why Plann lets you connect multiple devices to share your workload with your team. Manage, schedule, caption, review, and post on Instagram together with ease.

See Your Calendar At A Glance

Zoom out and get a bird’s eye view on your month’s content calendar, so you can check for mistakes, or use the drag & drop feature to reorganize posts and create the perfect flow before they go live.


Getting Started With Plann is Fast, Free, and Easy.

Ready to change the way you do things and kick your growth up a notch, or ten? Sign up for Plann and go from wasting time and juggling apps to consistently publishing world-class content that grows your bottom-line quicker and easier than ever before.


Plann has well and truely upgraded my Instagram page. As both a professional lifestyle journalist and a blogger for my own company, it's great to be able to switch between accounts under the one easy-to-use accessible app. My photo grids and captions have, quite honestly, never been better. Thank you Plann!



Milly Bannister

-   @millyrosebannister   -   170K+ Followers

Julia Engel

-   @julianhengel -   1.2M+ Followers


Balancing a variety of fashion, travel, and other lifestyle content, I’ve strategically planned out my Instagram feed and Instagram Stories for a long time. Plann is the best app I’ve used--I rely on it every single day to make sure my Instagram feeds are an exact representation of my brand. Now that I run two accounts, @juliahengel and @galmeetsglam, I even use Plann to collaborate with my team!